Handgun Q & A


Q.What is the idea behind this kit?  Why would anyone want to shoot pellets in their .44 magnum or whatever?
A. The whole concept is based on the theory that through practice a better shooter evolves.  You can use any handgun from .380 to .45 LC.  Grip feel, sight picture, trigger let-off and overall handgun technique can now be had for about 2 cents per round in the privacy of your own shooting area.
Q.What is the velocity of the handgun kits?
A. Velocity averages about 500 fps.  
Q.How accurately will they shoot?
A. Kits will shoot groups of 1″ or better at 20 feet.  
Q.How far will they shoot?
A. The best accuracy range is 20 to 25 feet, though they will shoot farther in  distance.  
Q.How hard will it shoot?
A. It will bury the pellet in a pine board.  
Q.Will it kill a rat, etc?
A. Yes, the Convert-a-Pell is capable of taking small game and rodents.  
Q.What pellet do you recommend?
A. For trouble-free operation, the manufacturer recommends Benjamin Diabolo or Beeman Kodiak .177 caliber pellets.  
Q.Why can’t I use Daisy or Crosman pellets?
A. While fine for air gun use, these pellets will not stand the pressures exerted by the Convert-a-Pell kit.  The nose of these pellets will blow off, leaving the skirt of the pellet in the Convert-a-Pell case.  No damage is done, but it is very inconvenient.  
Q.What primer is recommended?
A. The only primer recommended is the Winchester large pistol primer.  
Q.Will other primers besides Winchester work?
A. Yes, but not with a “by hand” actuated fit.  
Q.Will magnum primers give more velocity?
A. Yes, however accuracy will usually suffer.  
Q.Will rifle primers work in this kit?
A. Absolutely not.  Do not attempt to use any other primers other than those recommended in the instructions.  
Q.How much noise does the Convert-a-Pell make?
A. About the same as a child’s cap gun in the revolver and much less in a semi-auto.  
Q.How much powder can I use?
A. Powder is not recommended or needed – primer only.  
Q.What comes in the kit?
A. One barrel adapter tube, six cartridges, extra “O”-rings and instructions.  
Q.How long will a kit last?
A. We cannot give a time on kit longevity.  However, after thousands of lab rounds our brass is still going strong with no signs of fatigue or adverse wear.
Q.How do I clean my brass Convert-a-Pell cartridges?
A. The cartridges may be placed in a brass tumbler as you would normal brass cases.  
Q.Won’t the brass barrel wear out?
A. We have not been able to wear out the brass barrel insert when used as prescribed in the instructions of each kit.  
Q.What lubricant can I use on the “O”-rings?
A. The manufacturer offers a lube for only $1.00 per vial.  If you do not purchase this small vial, Rig Universal oil is recommended.  (This lube is the most important part of “O”-ring life.)  Other lubes simply will not work satisfactorily.  
Q.Does the Convert-a-Pell kit have a warranty?
A. Yes, the kit is warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for one year from the date of purchase.  
Q.Will this kit damage my handgun?
A. No, there is no damage to the handgun.  The cartridges are made of brass as is standard ammo.  The barrel adapter tube is seated in the firearm bore with rubber “O”-rings so there is no metal to metal contact.  (Even if the barrel adapter would come in contact with the handgun bore, no damage would occur due to the fact that the brass barrel or brass bushings are softer than jacketed bullets normally fired in a handgun.)  
Q.What holds the auxiliary barrel in my gun?
A. The Convert-a-Pell barrel is held in place through simple friction of rubber against metal.  
Q.Will the Convert-a-Pell barrel slide out as I shoot?
A. If the Convert-a-Pell barrel slides forward as you shoot it is an indication of too much “O”-ring lube.  Remove the Convert-a-Pell barrel and wipe of excess lube.  
Q.What will happen if I shoot my handgun with regular ammo while the Convert-a-Pell barrel is in place?
A. You will damage your handgun, possibly yourself and bystanders!  Read the instructions completely before you use Convert-a-Pell.  
Q.Is it okay to leave the Convert-a-Pell barrel in your handgun after shooting? A. No!  Remove Convert-a-Pell immediately after use of the kit.