Centerfire Q & A

Q. What is the velocity?
A. Average velocity is 875-910 fps.
Q. What primer do I use?
A. Winchester .209 shotshell primers.
Q. What pellet do I use?
A. The manufacturer recommends Benjamin Diablo .22 caliber.
Q. How hard will it shoot?
A. It will shoot through a 3/4″ pine board.
Q. How accurate is it?
A. Groups under 1″ have been recorded at 20 yards and farther.
Q. How loud is it?
A. In a rifle, less noise than an air gun.
Q. Do I have to resize the brass?
A. No! Doing so would ruin the casing.
Q. Will it take small game?
A. Yes.
Q. How much powder do I use?
A. None; primer and pellet only. Using powder will cause the head of the Convert-a-Pell cartridge to separate or break in two.