Please note: due to an issue with our suppliers, kits for revolvers and automatic pistols are temporarily unavailable

The name of the product is “Convert-a-Pell”, and it is the perfect solution to urban spread and lack of shooting space.

The complete kit comes with everything needed to convert the shooter’s favorite handgun to shoot caliber .177 pellets; the shooter supplies the pellets and primers. Each barrel adaptor tube is fitted with corrective rubber “O”-ringed bushings to assure proper alignment and fit with absolutely no harm to the bore of the firearm. Cartridges are machined from brass to dimension specifications of standard ammunition. Kits are available for handguns in the following calibers: .380, 9mm, .38 Spec., .357 Mag., .44 Mag., .45 ACP, and .45 LC. The Deluxe Brass Rifled Barrel Convert-a-Pell kit is available in barrel lengths from 1″ to 8 3/8″. Other calibers and barrel lengths are produced on a special order basis. The primer and pellet are all that is needed, in conjunction with the kit, to enjoy inexpensive shooting with your favorite revolver or automatic pistol.  Each kit contains one barrel tube adaptor and six cartridges. Complete instructions, extra “O”-rings, and warranty are also included.

There is no disassembly or special tooling required to convert a handgun to shoot the .177 caliber pellet. During test firing, best accuracy range was found to be 15-20 feet for Convert-a-Pell handgun kits.

Indoor practice with a handgun is now possible!!! Sight radius, grip practice, trigger pull, and general overall feel of your own handgun can now be obtained year round. Whether novice or pro, you will enjoy the versatility of shooting with Convert-a-Pell, summer or winter, indoors or out.

The Convert-a-Pell kit for .22 Centerfire pistol or rifle utilizes a patented “O”-ringed primer pocket that assures easy primer insertion and ejection. This kit is designed to fire a .22 caliber pellet. Calibers available are .221 Fireball, .222, .223, .225 WIN, .22-250, and .220 Swift, all incorporating the use of a standard .209 shotshell primer; and .22 Hornet, also designed to fire a .22 caliber pellet, but incorporating a large rifle primer as the propellent.